A Night to Remember : DBS Light Up Your Life Christmas Party

Inside DBS

By Priscila Flora Reis, Clare O’Beara, Sophie-Luise Karson and Lea Lair. Pictures by Julia Sieber.

As christmas is now less than a month away, DBS celebrations are starting to kick-in. Last Tuesday (26th November), the Light Up Your Life Christmas party was a tremendous success.

DBS event management class 3rd year part time students came together to organise a festive event offering snacks, games, raffle and entertainment in the Common room. Of course, the evening was also there to make us remember that Christmas is a time when we should think of other people and help those in need.

Brendan Reid, who was part of the organizers team, explained the aims of this party : “All this money will be donated to this hospice for something special to give them before the last moments in life. So that’s what we aim to achieve tonight and also to give the students…

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